The MindtraX Mantra of Success

Get the ultimate tool and learn how to grow your audience and build an online business more effectively.
  • Engage more people
  • Inspire better workplaces
  • Enhance business performance

Do you invest in your business and still generate a few sales?

Stop wasting your time, efforts, and money!

When was the last time you received external feedback?

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk
Increasing Revenue

To increase revenue, you should focus on your clients' needs, elevate your efforts in sales and marketing, reconsider your pricing strategies, and expand your market share.

Increasing Profitability

To increase profitability, you should reduce your business costs and increase your company's turnover, productivity, and efficiency.

Enhancing Marketing

To enhance your marketing, you should learn how to reach your target clients at proper channels while delivering the right message that drives sales.

Improving Strategy

To improve your business strategy, you should examine all external factors, like insights, predictions, trends, and patterns, and make them play in your favor by helping people make the right decisions.


At MindtraX, all our support and programs are designed based on our belief in the MindtraX Mantra. We can enhance business performance by engaging people through an inspiring workplace.


Only the best solutions proven by years of international client projects!

If you need a pieace of advice on any strategic decisions, we are always happy to assist you.


If you have problems with leadership or project management, we know how to solve your issues.


If you have low sales and poor customer care experience, we will be the best to help you.


If you don't know where you waste your time, efforts, and marketing budget, we can help you find out.

``We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.``
– Bill Gates
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What is your potential?

MindtraX Fast Feedback
MindtraX experienced business professionals will review areas of your business to give you fresh eyes from an international perspective.
Fast Feedback

- Basic review of Profit and Loss Reports
- Basic review of revenue methods
- Basic review of profitability methods
- Basic review of marketing techniques

Deep Dive

- Detailed review of Profit and Loss Reports
- Detailed review of revenue methods
- Strategy to improve revenue
- Detailed review of profitability methods
- Strategy to improve profitability
- Detailed review of marketing techniques
- Strategy to improve marketing

Full Review

- 3 Day Deep Dive PLUS…..
- Basic Culture Survey implementation to receive anonymous feedback from employees
- Detailed strategy day with key stakeholders to facilitate action plan to feedback received
- Opportunity to have an international English speaking or Local Ukrainian motivational speaker

The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice.

- Brian Herbert

How to effectively use feedback to enhance growth? Feedback is only as valuable as the actions that immediately follow. MindtraX will assist you in the creation, implementation, measurement, and monitoring strategies to track your improved performance.

Ready to launch training programs

MindtraX has a large selection of ready-made training programs covering all business needs. For example, sales training, marketing, customer service, human resources management, leasing, leadership, staff engagement, company culture, etc.

Customized training programs

MindtraX can create a customized training program for your company to help you create a sustainable internal growth culture.

Effective support and monitoring

All MindtraX strategies are measured with clearly defined goals you could track and monitor to ensure programs are effective and you can achieve your business results.

Get all the feedback you are looking for in one of the MindtraX programs!

Cutting edge solutions
Technology trends
Expert montorship
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